Tom Arnold, Nick Searcy (“Justified”), Jim O’Heir (“Parks and Recreation”), Betsy Brandt (“Breaking Bad”), James DuMont (“Trumbo”), Louis Lombardi (“24”), Jay Washington (“Chi-Raq”) and entertainment journalist Bruce Fretts are coming aboard writer-director-star Matthew Aaron’s indie comedy “Landline.”

The feature follows PR exec Ted Gout (Aaron) who, after becoming stressed out over work, marriage and social media, gives up his cell phone and goes “off the grid” in favor of more manageable ’90s technology. Each day Gout grows a little bit crazier, while his wife tries to hold their marriage together.

Arnold and O’Heir play Gout’s dad and uncle, respectively. DuMont and Lombardi’s characters introduce him to two widely divergent technological paths. Brandt plays Gout’s boss, Washington plays his best friend, Fretts (in a film acting debut) plays his cable guy cousin and Searcy plays the detective who investigates him for a crime he may or may not have committed.

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