Beer League                                             Supporting                                          Frank Sebastiano

Spiderman 2                                             Featured                                            Sam Raimi

Wonderland                                              Supporting                                          James Cox

The Hot Chick                                           Cameo                                               Tom Brady

Confidence                                               Supporting                                          James Foley

Hitters                                                    Supporting                                          Eric Western

The Animal                                              Supporting                                          Luke Greenfield

3000 Miles to Graceland                              Supporting                                          Demian Lichtenstein

Deuces Wild                                             Supporting                                          Scott Calvert

The Crew                                                 Cameo                                              Michael Dinner

The Boss                                                 Lead                                                 Louis Lombardi

Sugar                                                     Supporting                                          James Frey

Looking for Lola                                        Supporting                                         Boaz Davidson

Suicide Kings                                           Cameo                                              Peter O’Fallon

Father’s Day                                            Supporting                                         Ivan Reitman

The Usual Suspects                                    Cameo                                             Brian Singer

Natural Born Killers                                    Cameo                                             Oliver Stone

Mojave Moon                                            Supporting                                         Kevin Dowling

The Immortals                                          Supporting                                         Brian Grant

No Exit                                                   Cameo                                              Michael Deserto

Beverly Hills Cop III                                  Supporting                                          John Landis

Ed Wood                                                 Cameo                                              Tim Burton

Amongst Friends                                       Co-Star                                             Rob Weiss

In the Making of…                                     Supporting                                         Arthur Boorman 


24                                                       Series Regular                                      FOX

Thank God Its Monday (Pilot)                     Series Regular                                      ABC

CSI                                                      Guest Star                                           CBS

Oliver Bean                                            Recurring                                            FOX

Lucky                                                   Guest Star                                           FX

Bram and Alice                                       Guest Star                                           CBS

Life on Parole (Pilot)                                Guest Star                                           FOX

The Sopranos                                          Recurring                                            HBO

Philly                                                    Guest Star                                           ABC

Yes, Dear                                               Guest Star                                           CBS

Some of My Best Friends                           Guest Star                                           CBS

Falcon                                                   Guest Star                                           CBS

Sugar Hill                                               Guest Star                                           Dreamworks

Fantasy Island                                         Series Regular                                      UPN

Damon                                                  Guest Star                                           FOX

EZ Streets                                              Recurring                                            CBS

NYPD Blue                                              Recurring                                            ABC

Hope & Gloria                                         Guest Star                                           NBC

Hardball                                                 Pilot                                                  FOX