Louis Lombardi

Acting Mentorship
Workshops with
Louis Lombardi


You’ve seen Louis star in TV’s most popular shows






Louis will encourage and teach you how you can harness the action, find the inspiration, and ignite your motivation to perfect and refine your acting skills.


“It Can be Done, If You Make Yourself Do It”


In these Workshops You Will Discover:

Effective methods for managing  yourself in the crazy world of acting and life.
The road from acting lessons to working in a feature film.
Strengthening your mental toughness and resilience.
Turning things around, even when it seems like nothing is working for you.


Being an actor is 10% acting and 90% hustling. Confidence and drive are two of the most important things to have in one of the toughest careers. I will share my stories that will inspire and motivate you.


A Different Approach to Acting


With thirty years in the business, Louis will show you his more unconventional approach to the business of Hollywood.  You will be inspired by his style of acting. Louis will share stories from behind-the-scenes…hear about what it was like to work on major feature films like Natural Born Killers, Suicide Kings and The Usual Suspects.

Louis became a household name starring in Emmy winning TV shows: Sopranos, Entourage and  “24” where Louie tugged at the hearts of fans as Edgar Stiles.   Besides his passion for acting, Louie is an avid writer and director, and he’s proud of his first feature film DOUGHBOYS.

Workshop attendees will learn from Louis how to  lay out the road map for following their acting dreams! He will reveal to the tools needed to not only get the job, but maintain a presence in Hollywood!